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    Default Fade a picture into background

    Does anyone know where a video or instructions are to fade the edges of a picture into the background? I want to fade a picture and a Certificate into the background but I'm not doing it right. Been searching for the technique but can't find it.
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    I would love to see how to do this as well!!

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    Try placing the photo layer on top of a paper layer and changing the blend mode to Overlay or Soft Light. Next, change reduce the Opacity of the photo layer until you have the look you want.

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    Not sure if this is what you were wanting to do.

    If not holler. Easy to do with brushes and a mask also, but am on my way out right now.
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    Thanks...I found a video that worked out great for me. It was in July 2010 preimer.

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    Thank you, I have been trying to find that video.
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